Boca Espresso has 4 unique coffee roasts each with their own distinctive aroma and flavor profile. These roasts have been carefully created to capture the perfect balance of flavor, crema, body and depth.

We follow the strictest standards from harvest to post harvest ensuring we commit to buying 100 percent ethically sourced coffee to improve productivity, sustainability and consistency. 

Our blends are roasted using advanced roasting methods and equipment and we are continually exploring new technology to make our coffee stand out from the rest.

However you choose to prepare your coffee we have the coffee type to suit you. Venture out and explore every possibility of our 100% whole bean range.


Our Expore Espresso Blend is a medium roast coffee that adds up to an intense cup of maximum fullness and reveals a clean, round yet sweet fruit flavor with a balancing dash of acidity brightness

Explore ESE coffee Pod



Our Chill Out Decaf Blend is a decaf with no compromises. This blend is one flavorful, characterful cup. Its indulgent, rich and full-bodied with hints of dark caramel and toffee undertones.

Chill Out ESE coffee pod



Our Wake Up Rich Italian Blend is our darkest roast.  Southern Italian style.  A Chocolatey full rich cup. If your want powerful then this is the one.  Big cocoa flavors, perfect as an espresso or with milk. 

Wake Up ESE coffee pod



Our Revive Signature Blend is 100% Arabica and is dense and complex with dark chocolate and caramel notes. This blend has been designed to master all brew types with body and presence rather than with sharpness.

Revive ESE coffee pod

What are E.S.E

An E.S.E Coffee Pod is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable coffee pod made up of 7.5 grams of compressed coffee encased in a permeable coffee filter grade paper.

E.S.E stands for Easy Serving Espresso. It emulates the disc of coffee from a regular coffee group head that has been tamped down with the only difference being the paper that filters out impurities.

The E.S.E pod has been available for many years in Europe, USA and Australia where they have seen a huge increase in popularity due to their ability to produce a higher standard of coffee.

What are the advantages of E.S.E Coffee pods?

1. Absolutely no mess

After your coffee is made, simply remove and dispose of the used coffee pod that is completely environmentally friendly.

2. Consistency

Every espresso pod is produced exactly the same so from the first cup to the last the taste remains the same.

3. Low maintenance

The machine requires minimal  maintenance and is very simple to clean.

4. Less environmental impact

Once an ESE pod is used it is completely biodegradable. 

5. No more expensive grinder

Save money by eliminating the need to purchase a coffee grinder

6. Everyone can be a barista

The pods are extremely easy to you use so everyone can now be their own barista.

Which machines can I use with E.S.E pods?

Boca Espresso coffee pods are made to the industry standard 7 gram, 44mm pod diameter.

They can be used in any E.S.E coffee pod machine that accepts the standard sized E.S.E pod.

We sell a full range of Ascaso & La Piccola coffee machines that are purpose built for E.S.E pods. 

You can also use our E.S.E pods in machines from:

De’ Longhi (some models)



Saeco (some models)