Frequently Asked Questions

Our Nespresso® coffee capsules are compatible with all original style Nespresso® coffee machines including but not only the following: Citiz, Lattisima, Lattisima Premium, Lattissima Plus, Le Cube, Pixie, Essenza, Expert, Maestria, U, Inissia, Creatista, Concept, Prodigio etc. Our pods do not fit the new Vertuo line of Nespresso® machines or commercial Nespresso® flat disc capsules.

Our E.S.E coffee pods are compatible with a wide range of any E.S.E coffee pod machine that accepts the standard sized E.S.E pod. You can also use our E.S.E pods in machines from De’ Longhi (some models), Handpresso Illy caffe, Saeco (some models) and Nestle.

If you are unsure or need any help with your coffee machine compatibility please contact us at

Compostable products turn into CO2, water, inorganic compounds or biomass. It happens as fast as paper breaks down. In 8-18 weeks, the waste from your home and office espresso pods return to Mother Earth in your home garden (temperature needs to be between 11 -16 degrees).  If composting is new to you, well, you need to get with the program anyway. All of us need to. Composting food waste and yard waste not only creates precious biomass to replenish soils, it also keeps unnecessary trash out of landfills.

Our bio capsules are made of bioplastic called Terrablend which is trademarked. Terrablend have raw materials of at least 62% and the additives added to the bioplastic are also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

You might be asking yourself – what is bioplastic? Bioplastic is a substance made from organic biomass sources such as vegetable oils, cellulose and even starches

The bio capsules are produced using energy from wind, hydropower, sun and biogas. Thus conserving energy and resources at every step of the process. Not only are you using a capsule that is compostable but it has been made consciously.

We chose a European source because Europe has banned many pesticides and herbicides still used in the U.S. Plant-based compostable materials use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases to produce than aluminum or plastic, are safer for humans, and better for the environment. They biodegrade into non-toxic compounds in 8-18 weeks or less if placed in a garden or brought to a municipal composting facility. Our pods are certified compostable with a Vincotte/OK Compost stamp of approval and are compostable according DIN EN ISO 14855

The optimal extraction time for our capsules is around 20-25 seconds. 

Our coffee pods and capsules are designed to extract slower than others on the market due to using specialty coffee with slightly finer grind. This slower pour allows for maximum flavour, aroma and good crema on your coffee, in order to best replicate what you’d find in your local coffee shop.

Our coffee capsules stay fresh for 12 months—not forever. That’s because our pods are plant and paper-based, with no foils to vacuum seal your espresso for eternity

Our E.S.E coffee pods stay fresh for up to 2 years! This is due to the pods being individually sealed and notrogen flushed with Nitrogen. 

Yep. All of our pods are certified to European standards, as shown below.

TUV Certificate

Climate Partner Certificate

We sure do 🙂 Simply fill out our wholesale enquiry form (link here) and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.