Boca Espresso is perfectly suited to assist your hotel food and beverage operation. We understand that hotels require flexibility with their coffee equipment and our La Piccola espresso machine range combined with our E.S.E pods provide the perfect solution.  This arrangement is being used in lobby bars, pool bars, room service, banquets and events. 

Boca Espresso can also provide every guest suite with a smaller individual espresso machine. These machines are fully automatic and have been calibrated perfectly with our E.S.E pods. Your guests will now have the convenience of drinking the finest Indonesian coffee in their own guest room.  Our coffee pods are proudly 100% Indonesian.


Key benefits of our

1. User-friendly Machines

Our La Piccola espresso machine range is plug-in ready, easily moved, quickly installed and is more than half the size of a regular 2 group espresso machine. 

2. Good consistent coffee

Consistent coffee can be hard to achieve due to high staff turnover and training challenges. Our E.S.E pods produce the same espresso each and every time therefore it is almost impossible to get wrong. However, no need to worry we also provide detailed training. 

3. Cost Management

1 pod equals 1 coffee. Your accounting team will now be able manage your coffee costs easily without any concern. 

 4. Eco-friendly 

Above all our E.S.E Coffee Pods are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable which will be much appreciated by your guests.  

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