The ultimate coffee guide: How to make the different coffee’s

The ultimate coffee guide: How to make the different coffee’s

The key to making your own coffees at home or office starts with a good espresso. Today you need not have a super expensive coffee machine you see in a coffee shop. Our home or office coffee machine turns out  perfect espressos every time. You can then use them as the base to build any of the below classic coffees.


1 espresso shot (30ml)

3 parts steamed milk (220ml)

Meaning ‘coffee & milk’  in Italian, a caffe latte is a very milky coffee with less foam than a cappuccino (see below). It is usually made with a single shot of espresso and is most commonly served in a glass with a handle. Milk temperature should be 60 degrees.  Any hotter will burn the milk and coffee flavor.

Caffe Latte


1 espresso shot (30ml)

1 part steamed milk (180ml)

1 part frothed milk (30ml)

Cappuccino literally  means ‘little cap or head’. Containing less milk than a ‘latte’ the cappuccino is made with a single or double shot of coffee. Traditionally served in ceramics a proper cappuccino has a sprinkle of chocolate on top


1 espresso shot (30ml)

2 parts hot water (300ml)

The term ‘Caffe Americano’ is simply Italian for ‘American coffee’. In Australia and New Zealand it is known as a long black. For an americano or long black  it is best to extract the shot of coffee on top of the hot water, as otherwise the boiling water will burn the beautiful crema. Traditionally served in a mug in the States as opposed to the smaller cups enjoyed by Europeans.


1 espresso shot (30ml)

1 part frothed milk on top (10ml)

‘Macchiato’ is the Italian word for ‘stained or spotted’. Macchiato, my favorite coffee, is an espresso marked with a small amount of milk. Some people prefer a little milk with their espresso to calm the harshness of the powerful coffee hit. It is served in a glass or ceramics, as either a single or a double, depending on strength preference.



1 teaspoon drinking chocolate.

1 shot espresso coffee (30ml)

1 part steamed milk. (200ml)

1 part frothed milk. (30ml)

The mocha is an American invention which is espresso, drinking chocolate and whole milk served layered. A mocha is quite sweet, yet still strong in caffeine-it is basically a latte with chocolate, and traditionally served in a glass. A sprinkle of cocoa is also used as a garnish.


1 shot espresso (30ml) shot of espresso

1 part steamed milk (250ml)

Invented in Australia in the 70’s this is basically an espresso topped with steamed milk and preferred by people who like a stronger cup of coffee. Served in small ceramics  or a glass it is different from a cappuccino in that it has a higher coffee-to-milk ratio with the milk silky smooth as opposed to frothy.

Now that you know the difference between your lattes and flat whites you can now be your own personal barista at home or at the office.  Enjoy!

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