The Verdict: Coffee Pods compared to Coffee Capsules

Coffee Pods compared to Coffee Capsules

What is the E.S.E. Pod?

The ESE pod (Easy Serving Espresso) is a single portion of coffee, prepackaged in environmentally friendly filter paper and then individually packaged in a protective atmosphere. More-over the absence of metal makes the pods truly eco-friendly and biodegradable.

What is the Capsule? 

The capsule is a small plastic or aluminium container where coffee is ready to be prepared.

Why we prefer Pods all of the time.

As much as the pods and capsules allow us to get excellent quality espresso coffee I have further analysed the different issues of both.

1) In the percolation process pods are much simpler. Water does not have to cross resistant materials such as plastic or aluminium but only a thin wrap of paper for a creamier and homogenous taste.

2) The pods are made of completely biodegradable materials and can be disposed or recycled safely.  This ensures you have a great composting material with no landfill problems that are associated with capsules.

3) With pods, hot water runs through a 100% natural vegetable paper filter paper which does not release any residue. With capsules, the hot water passes through the aluminium or plastic carrying residues of these substances into the espresso coffee. Among other things, plastic capsules have a big concentration of furan which is harmful to our health

4) E.S.E. pods are now standard as all have size and compatibility with many coffee machines on the market. This is not always the case with capsules.  I have discovered that many are incompatible with the home or office machine.

5) The absence of materials such as plastic or metal also allows the pod price to be lower in comparison to the capsule.

6) I believe, in terms of quality, the pod system produces a flawless espresso coffee of the highest standard regardless of the consumption rate. It is as easy as popping the pod into the machine and pressing the button.  It’s simple, clean and extremely efficient.

Coffee Pod Indonesia

The Hard Facts.

It is estimated that more than 56 billion, yes that’s 56,000,000,000 coffee capsules will go into landfill around the world this year alone according to British research. These will to take up to 500 years to degrade. 82% of people surveyed have no idea that plastic & aluminium cause damage to the planet, with 42% confessing they just throw them in the bin. Globally 59 billion coffee capsules were produced in 2018 – 112,252 per minute worldwide. Over 95% are still plastic and aluminium with the majority going into landfill.

Nespresso coffee will produce approximately 12 billion capsules this year. 30% of those will apparently be recycled. In a separate study undertaken it has been revealed only 18% of people stated they know that coffee capsules polluted the world. What I find most disturbing is that most of the world population are not aware of the consequences of using capsules. This is especially so in Indonesia where pollution and landfill are a major problem.

A Greener Planet

Coffee consumption is a worldwide phenomenon and growing rapidly each year. How we access our coffee, be it through pod or capsule, has great consequences in how we view our environment and the world we want to live in. My contribution to a green planet starts now by using the coffee pod. One that is eco-friendly, biodegradable and still has that amazing taste and aroma I have come to expect.

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